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2014; 60(6):502-504


“Dr. Adib Jatene was the most talented man I met in medi-

cine. He had the highest of the intellectual qualities: creati-

vity. He was a great surgeon and tireless worker, who inven-

ted new and lasting things. He was righteous; he did not

envy nor was vain; on the contrary, he recognized the value

of others and encouraged careers. He had great administra-

tive vision, not only about medical institutions, but also in

relation to health in the country. He was a natural leader

who indicated paths, led with courage, persuaded by exam-

ple and thus conquered the trust of his colleagues. His jud-

gments were wise. Dr. Adib deserves to be called a great man,

an indelible mark in the history of Brazil.”

Protásio L. da Luz

, Cardiology senior professor at Instituto

do Coração, Faculty of Medicine, University of São Paulo.

“Dr. Adib was a person predestined to be all that he was.

If he had been an engineer, he would have been the best

of all; if he had been a lawyer, he also would have been

the best of all; if he had chosen any other profession, I am

sure he would have been the best of all because of his dis-

cipline and enormous capacity for work. Brazil has excel-

lent surgeons, but few like him. Professionals like Dr. Adib

do not appear that often.”

Fulvio Pillegi

, professor


, Faculty of Medicine,

University of São Paulo.

“Prof. Adib Jatene left the Brazilian medicine a legacy of

inestimable value, his contributions to cardiology and

cardiac surgery were many. Besides being a brilliant phy-

sician and teacher, Dr. Adib acted with great skill as Health

State Secretary and Minister.”

Sérgio Almeida Oliveira

, professor


of Thoracic

and Cardiovascular Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, Univer-

sity of São Paulo

“On November 19


, cardiovascular surgery and the Bra-

zilian medicine as a whole lost one of its greatest expo-

nents. The life story of Adib Jatene is extraordinary, from

Xapuri, Acre, where he was born until the time of his death,

in São Paulo. Jatene was an innovative professional. He

proposed and performed original techniques and also

contributed to the development of the cardiac surgery

products industry. His accomplishments allowed this me-

dical specialty to gain international recognition, espe-

cially within Latin America.

Unfortunately, Professor Jatene is gone, but he left so

much of himself, and took much of us who had the pri-

vilege of knowing him closely.”

Noedir Stolf

, head of the cardiology team at Beneficên-

cia Portuguesa de São Paulo.

“Prof. Adib D. Jatene leaves a legacy not only to Hospital

do Coração, but also to the entire Brazilian society and,

dare I say, to the international medical and scientific com-

munity. Prof. Adib is one of those characters that will al-

ways be in our memories, whether because of his teachings,

or for his achievements and developments, but mostly

for his principles. The innovations he created in the area

of cardiac surgery, with development of techniques for

correction of congenital heart abnormalities, benefited

thousands of children around the world, and opened the

borders of the Brazilian medicine and specifically cardio-

logy to first world countries. In the realm of education,

he participated directly and indirectly in the formation

of numerous cardiologists. Today, many of them have in-

ternational recognition in their respective fields, planting

good seeds in various places of our country and abroad.

As a human being, he always attempted to develop sus-

tainable social practices, focusing on the most vulnera-

ble population, and promoting the return of family doc-

tors in Brazil, in order to meet the needs of our public

health system. As a politician, he served thinking in the

sustainable development of the health of the Brazilian

people, at municipal, state and federal levels. Last, as head

of his family, he honored his wife, children, grandchil-

dren and great-grandchildren with a personal history that

will be recorded forever in the list of illustrious persona-

lities of Brazilian society of all time. All those who had

the pleasure of knowing him more closely will miss him


Carlos Alberto Buchpiguel

, superintendent physician

at Hospital do Coração.

“Professor Adib Jatene was a master for all Brazilian phy-

sicians. His commitment to medicine and health guided

his career, with great activism in favor of society. He has

my gratitude forever for having done so much. I hope that

his example will continue to guide all doctors, for as Eury-

clides Jesus Zerbini used to say, nothing and no one can

resist work.”

Carlos Vital Tavares Corrêa Lima

, president of the Fe-

deral Board of Medicine.

“‘Work does not kill. What kills is anger’, would say Pro-

fessor Adib. Talking to him was always encouraging. Last

year, while studying for a public competition to become

full professor of cardiology at USP, I would sometimes

feel a little tired, but all I needed was to enter his office

and listen to his ideas on public health to feel extremely

motivated once again.”

Roberto Kalil Filho