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2014; 60(6):502-504

“Adib Domingos Jatene, a recent loss to the cardiology

and medicine, was a physician who had one of the most

comprehensive and successful performances in Brazilian

medicine, with meritocratic and clear visibility in all sce-

narios of his professional life. With undisputed talent, ir-

reparable systemic view and didactics, professor Jatene

consolidated the teaching of cardiovascular surgery in

the main institutions of our country. Always dealing with

healthcare, teaching and research in an inseparable and

translational manner, he idealized, completed and accom-

plished much, products of his brilliance, perseverance

and unparalleled capacity to work.

Jatene’s surgery, one

of those great examples, magnifies the Brazilian scienti-

fic literature since 1975 with this great contribution that

is not only quoted in all databases, but is also the refe-

rence point of cardiovascular scientometrics in our

country. His erudition, great systemic view, and especially

his daily civil practice defined his management career

from state secretary to minister of health. This very abi-

lity to manage and undertake consolidated institutions

of excellence, such as the Dante Pazzanese Institute of

Cardiology (IDPC) and Hospital do Coração (HCor) in

São Paulo, also leading him to the higher ranks at Uni-

versity of São Paulo’s Faculty of Medicine (FMUSP). Awa-

re of the importance of integrative medical societies, he

was a leader in several organizations, and even president

of the Brazilian Society of Cardiology in the biennium

1985-7. When we think of the great names in Brazilian

medicine, we think of physician Adib Jatene, a scientist,

teacher, association leader, entrepreneur, manager and

one of our greatest examples of comprehensive medical

doctor. Noted for his immense contribution in the car-

diovascular field and his immortal legacy of excellence,

competence, transparency, tireless work and good citi-

zenship, Jatene will always be a name of reference in our

memories and our institutions.”

Angelo A. V. de Paola

, president of the Brazilian Car-

diology Society.

“Professor Adib Jatene was the first president and foun-

der of the São Paulo State Cardiology Society, standing

out with huge importance in the context of cardiology

not only in São Paulo, but throughout Brazil. He was in-

ternationally immortalized thanks to his contributions

and innovations in major surgical procedures, which re-

volutionized the cardiac specialty and which are now prac-

ticed by surgeons worldwide. For his work in support of

cardiology, Socesp will honor Dr. Jatene permanently as

of its next annual Congress, in June 2015, introducing a

master lecture that will be named after him.”

Francisco A. H. Fonseca

, president of the São Paulo Sta-

te Cardiology Society.

César Teixeira

Head Writer

Revista da Associação Médica Brasileira